Billion BiPACN User Manual. This page contains the user manual in PDF form for the Billion BiPACN router. Other Billion BiPACN Guides. BiPAC N Broadcom Chipset, n ADSL2+/Broadband Firewall Router with Gigabit Ethernet Switch. The N is an all-round high performance. This symbol on the product or in the instructions means that your electrical The Billion N ADSL2/2+ Firewall Modem/Router has a Dual WAN interface for.

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Description name should not contain any space. System Log System Log Display all the system logs that have been recorded up to the present time.

You are now successfully logon to the Firewall Router! Configuration via Web Interface Open your web maual, enter the IP address of your router, which by default is An icon displays under Internet Gateway. It provides access control and billing functionality in a manner similar to dial-up 8700n using PPP. Internet that is used to connect LAN and other types of network systems.

Enter text from picture: Factory Default Settings Before configuring your router, you need to know the following default settings.

Enter the ACS server login name. The default mode of wireless security is disabled.


Page 48 WEP Authentication: After finishing configuring the WAN port connection, click Continue to proceed. You can either choose to restart your device to restore it to the Factory Default Settings or to restart the device with your current settings applied.

Click start and Control Panel. BiPAC N Select Enable to allow management access from remote side mostly from internet. Enter the username provided by your ISP. Enter the secondary DNS. You can input up to alphanumeric characters case sensitive.

Open System, Shared key or both. This type of network is area defined and is usually limited to a confined region within a building or just within the same storey of a building. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. WPS supports 2 types of configuration methods which are commonly known among consumers: The default setting is set to disable.

This is especially useful when hosting servers via your ADSL connection, so that anyone wishing to connect to you may use your domain maual, rather than the dynamic IP address which is assigned to you by ISP. Select Show icon in notification area when connected option and click OK. Power Connect it with the supplied power adapter.

Ethernet, Alias, Wireless N The product provides an easy and user-friendly interface for configuration. Then click OK to exit the set- ting. In the Control Panel, biillion on Network and choose the Protocols tab. Gather the information billiion illustrated in the following table and keep it for reference.


Billion BiPAC 7800(N) User Manual

This option is required by some service Providers. Default setting is billlion to Enable. When the PBC button is pushed, a wireless communication will be established between your router and the PC.

Page Step 4: There are 4 types of security mode: Check the checkbox to obtain DNS automatically. Type the netmask assigned to you by your ISP if given.


Remote Access Remote Billon Control: Double-click on the icon to display your current Internet connection status. Enter the information provided by your ISP.

User may adjust this power level from minimum 0 up to maximum This shows the SNR margin for downstream rate. Quick Start Step 1: Enter the passphrase then click Next.