FTA Satellite Source offers the best in Free to Air Support for your Coolsat Pro FTA Receiver. File downloads, keys, firmware, tutorials, nagra2 bins, etc are . SERVICE MANUAL. TROUBLE SHOOTING. Coolsat. 6. 3. TROUBLE SHOOTING . Exterior Test. Check the condition of install, joining of connectors, broken. Coolsat // Manual Coolsat Guides & Discussions.

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To adjust audio properties of the receiver simply press the Green button on the remote.

If you choose to load the default channel option, a factory reset will restore your channels if you accidentally delete your channel data. Since TP 1 R for is a spot beam transponder, many did not receive any signal strength or signal quality for on TP 1 because they are not in the regional spot beam.

I have found the easiest way to edit keys is to use the Msnual button to open the Key Pad and use it for entering alpha characters and to enter numerical entries with the remote channel number entries.

If using more than 1 dish, you must use the 4×1 diseqc switch and run two cables from each side of the lnbs to diseqc in ports 1 and 2 on the switch, and any other lnbs on 3 and 4.

The DP34 can be used in place of a 4×1 diseqc or the 4×1 in place of the DP34 switch with limitations already noted. With all power off, connect the cable from your personal computer to the RS port on the receiver. This will open the Channel Edit Window. Enter the information that you collected into the appropriate fields: Mqnual clicking on Normal Channels, find and browse in the.

Turn on rear reset switch back of receiver and wait for clock with red light showing to come on. Key Tab 3 is for Dish Network N1 keys and key lines will show 00 and Quick Reference Guide to Lyngsat Packages: Similarly, unused Satellites now may be deleted, if you wish.


Rather than redoing the math, you can simply opened an existing Dishpro list for and picked up the ccoolsat transponders that do not show up in the transponder list for the satellite. Click on the Coolsat Pro Loader v. The program has under gone a number of revisions as the program has been expanded to provide support for many different channel formats including the. When setting antenna settings for satellites, be sure satellite names are in agreement with satellite name shown in the 4000 browser window in dish setting with the satellite name shown in the satellite signal received display.

I would recommend not using the Default Channel option cooslat the loader as this function is needed by the bin software to operate the EPG program correctly. This will open the transponder edit window, 44000 you can enter the new frequency, symbol rate and vertical polarity.

Note the following illustration shows no signal being received with signal indicator in red and no satellite name appears in the upper right hand of the dish setting window since this satellite is not connected on my antenna system at this time. The following is an illustration of a Dishpro Setting Setup.

Be sure to trace your cables connections if you are unsure as to cable routing. Use a null modem cable and connect the two units. The main difference between the receivers is that the Pro Model and Platinum Model use the RSc straight modem transfer cable, whereas the Plus Model uses the null modem crossed transfer cable.

Coolsat // Manual – FTA Bin Files Servers LinkBox Pinwheel DreamLink Jynxbox IPTV

Ontransponder 1 ccoolsat a spot beam transponder and many of you will 9 not get a signal on Transponder 1. First, delete all horizontal transponders by using the “yellow” delete button to get rid of non-functioning transponders. Save it in your Channel Lists folder.

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Use channel up and down button to select edit option. In the antenna 400, Diseqc is set to 1. You can scroll on down the manual to find details on enabling or disabling this feature. These options are self explanatory and are shown on the following illustration. Be sure to do Firmware first if you are going to do a complete copy of Firmware and Channel Data.

If you know anyone is posting illegal files, please use “Contact US” button below to notify us and we will remove it right away. In a snap, most of the work of creating a new Channel List is completed. Open the Coolsat Pro Loader Tool v2. This whole process takes under 10 seconds once your blind-scan is saved to your computer. Forums Register Members Search Faq. This is up to your personal taste. The Legacy SW function can be used to cascade switches.

I choose not to do this for myself as I do not like “filler” channels. The default channel list contains only Satellite and Transponder data with no channel data and supports the EPG recognition and Scan ability of the receiver.

Unplug the receiver from wall outlet. Do not use Legacy SW selection for single legacy lnbs tied in together with 4×1 diseqc switch.

Coolsat 4000 software, fta pay receiver tv

I don’t know why- but settings tend to change when editing these lists. Do not interrupt until the Finish window opens. Click on Exit to exit the Auto Detect.

Darlok has added to the features of using the Channel Master Editing Program by preparing an all satellites template and guide that can be used with the coolsat to make creating a custom list for the Coolsat a breeze and very simple to do.