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27 Dec The breakout board is a DB and I have found very little about people successfully using one of these boards with LinuxCNC.I have laid. 19 Jan Just a quick newbie question. If I want a 3 axis with 2 steppers on x. For a total of 4 steppers, can i hook all of them up to a db breakout. 20 nov. Je me tourne vers vous car je recherche un shema pour raccorder 3 Stepper motor driver DMA, PEAK A a la BOB DB et les.

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My question is how do I check whether the parallel port is working as I haven’t used one for at least 9 years and the old computer that has one doesn’t necessarily still have a working port. Originally Posted by routalot. I now have the build almost complete and need to get the motors working. Tags for this Thread boardlptpowerproblemwitch.

I will pursue the wiring as shown in the linked video. Pics and rather meaningless, yet somehow satisfactory video of my motor rotating back and forth attached. The next challenge is to make them move the distance they should according to the g-code. This thread is handy This forum is a great resource and I suspect I will be tapping into your collective expertise again as I progress.

Output pins still set to ‘active low’ and hey presto New router build log here. Regards the wiring then Yes the diagram is correct and will work. El Beast – Initial design phase, I have been building a small 3 axis router for a little while. Hobbymat MD65 mini lathe and BF I have now run the machine under power and with fairly slow acceleration it followed the text very well. Its possible your step pulses are too short to be passed through the very slow OPTO couplers on the board.


I can’t see why it wouldn’t, but there’s the duncery kicking in again Denford novamill linuxcnc retrofit Set the step outputs to ‘active low’ – thanks again Clive for pointing out how to do this: How can you be sure that this is the case?

It is only when I run mach3 that I do not get my step pulse. Hi all from Spain. Wal – please update this thread as you go; I’ll be one step behind you. Db25 bob Hi I have a problem where I do not see any pulses coming through on pin2, which is my step pulse, but I do see the direction pulse changing.

LinuxCNC (formerly EMC2) > LinuxCNC and DB board

Register Help Remember Me? If I switch pins on and off, I do get that coming through.

I would really like to get this equipment working as its already here,but I do wonder if I should study the possibilities of an Arduino setup. I do get my direction pulse. Any d25-1205 on that.

Electric motorbike project here. For now ,I am just elated to dn25-1205 come so far in a few days after weeks of struggling with the DB25 and the refining of the settings and adding home switches will be the next challenge. What is the maximum tolerance for If your parallel port pulses at 5v then connect all the negative pins on the driver to GND on the BOB and the positive pins to the control pins It’s in terrible chinglish although better than my Mandarin!

What concerns me now is that having generated some test programs,the trace on the monitor shows engraving sequences with a radius in some of the corners that should be sharp. The setup for stepconf seems to be OK db225-1205 when I test the axes-nothing moves. Here we go again. It allows you to tell linuxcnc how close to follow the programmed path.

Just found a bit more info on these drivers over at the Wantai site: I am starting to feel that I am making progress as the axes now move. Chances are he’s done this so when there a Limit or E-stop it disables the drives but doesn’t Kill power so the Motors stay Energised and don’t lose holding torque, the Enable just stops any signals getting thru.


Once I had remembered this step i used a test bulb to verify that the d2b5-1205 on the breakout board were responding to the test on the same No pin of the port,which reassured me that both the cable and the board were working. Originally Posted by Wal. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del.

The led is light little bit lower as with the eternal power on. That’s mean the board drain power from lpt and not from external power supply 5volts witch is still off.

Oh yeah – PM me your PayPal details for the spindle mounts, man! By manofgresley in forum General Electronics. S – a top bloke who has helped me out massively but as Clive is using a different BOB to me, I thought I’d throw my plans out here to see if I was heading down the right path The next challenge is to get the machine moving as it is supposed to do.

I will try again with a G64 manually inserted in the program and see what happens.

Branchement driver DM542A vers BOB DB25-1205 et nnema 23 425 oz

The BOB has jumpers and I’ve no idea what they do. Alternatively,is there a function within LinuxCNC that diagnoses whether the port is functioning?

I don’t know where is the problem. Hello, Firstly, I must confess to being an electronics dunce.

Hi John I have downloaded port monitor app and can control the pins through that.