Blueprint of the PPS43 (NO NEED TO PURCHASE IF BUYING THE BLANK AS THE BLANK PURCHASE INCLUDES THE BLUEPRINT). The PPS (Pistolet-Pulemet Sudaeva, model of = Sudaev submachine gun) was born as an answer to the need for weapon that would be more compact . This page details the development and operational history of the PPS / PPS- 43 Submachine Gun (SMG) including technical specifications and pictures.

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Blowbackopen bolt. The charging handle is integral to the bolt and is located on the right side; it reciprocates during firing.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Fire operation was accomplished through automatic blowback with an open bolt. Search tags for this page free pps 43 blueprints 43 drawingspps 43 blueprintspps 43 drawingpps 43 drawingspps 43 receiver drawingpps 43 reciever drawingpps bljeprints drawingspps receiver drawingpps43 drawingspps43 receiverppsh41 r50 Click on a term to search our site for related ppw.

I some English drawings that I think are for finishing bleuprints 80 percent receivers. Soviet infantry weapons of World War II. Pps 43 blueprints have variations in bolt shape and weight, as well as more obvious outward differences like a wooden, non-folding stock or a folding bayonet. Due to the oversupply of the Soviet army with submachine guns after the war, production of the PPS in the Soviet Union ceased in Thanks to the improvements in production efficiency, the Soviet planners estimated that the new gun would have allowed an increase in monthly submachine gun output fromunits toweapons.


Six of ppe later prototype models, made in andare found in the Military Historical Museum of Artillery, Engineers and Signal Corps. The resulting weapon proved simple to use and operate and became a staple submachine gun for the Red Army up through the end of the war its use still continues in some form today.

PPS / PPS Submachine Gun (SMG) – Soviet Union

A muzzle break and perforated heat shield were part of bluueprints integrated body components as were a pair of iron sights. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. An effective rate-of-fire of rounds-per-minute was possible along with a cyclic rate-of-fire of rounds-per-minute. The stock folds up and over the receiver top cover and the weapon can be fired in this arrangement. These measures reduced the number of machined components to a bare blueprintw, cutting down machining time by more than half, to 2.

PPS submachine gun – Wikipedia

A folding stock is attached to the receiver with a spring-loaded catch button on the left side. Encyklopedia najnowszej broni palnej—tom 3 M-Ppage Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

They are not interchangeable with magazines used ;ps the PPSh, nor can the gun use pps 43 blueprints magazines. Where applicable, the appearance of U.

The PPS has a trigger mechanism that allows only fully automatic fire and a manual safety that secured them against accidental discharges. The PPS was developed with cost-effectiveness in mind, utilizing sheet metal stampings wherever possible.



PPS with stock extended. Evolution of the Kalashnikov Weapons.

Both weapons fired the 7. Leningrad was encircled by the might of the German Army to the south and the German-allied Finns to the north.

PPS submachine gun

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. This section needs additional pps 43 blueprints for verification. The PPS and PPS models both featured a folding metal stock, which sat over the receiver and brought the overall length of the weapon down to a more compact manageable size. Most were used during the military trials by the soldiers of the Leningrad Front. Sudayev was ordered by the State Commission for Armaments to perfect for large-scale bludprints the sub-machine gun design blueprings Lieutenant Bljeprints.

Encyklopedia najnowszej broni palnej—tom 3 M-Ppage Early versions blueprinrs the PPS had a fixed but replaceable firing pin, held in place by the extractor spring. Wikimedia Commons has media related to PPS Views Read Edit View history. A muzzle break and perforated heat shield were part of blueprunts integrated body components as were a pair of iron sights.

The weapon has a barrel right-hand, 4-grooved length of 9.