Ramayan AD Reloaded» 8 issues Ramayan AD: Reloaded Volume 2 (#); Ramayan AD: Reloaded Volume 3 (#). Font-size. Ramayan AD Reloaded #1 (Virgin Comics) [Shamik Dasgupta, Abhishek Singh] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The epic tale. Q: What would be your dream project? A: I had already worked on my dream project Ramayan AD, it was my most extensive and acclaimed work till date .

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My dream which mostly will be unfulfilled is to complete the epic someday. Upon reaching the forests of Dandakaranya a place near Janasthanthey are then told by an owl that the horde of Asuras that had destroyed Fort Janasthan had been busy fighting and slaughtering all the beasts of the region in the past few months.

At Mithila, they subdue the last remnants of the dispatched Asura force thus saving the princess of the region, a woman by the name of Seeta who is gifted with magical powers of nature.

A story thousands of years in the making, a re-imagining of one of the greatest tales ever, retold in a post-apocalyptic future. Who was Jhasketan in Ramayan? Are the deeds of Vibhishan in Ramayan justified? During his exile Rama comes to ramatan the protector of Seeta, the daughter of mother earth.

Ramayan AD: Reloaded #3 – (EU) Comics by comiXology

Mandalay Pictures will be working on a film version, with Mark Canton producing the adaptation. The seer, one of an exalted group of seven, convinces Rama after showing him the vision of a devastated future to follow him on a quest to a mythical city called Mithila. The city is ruled by a council, the leader of which is a man by the name of Dashrath. Dashrath succumbs to his death while Lakshman finds himself having to deal with assassination attempts from rogue elements within the council that are aiming to cause an insurrection within the kingdom.

The story continues after Rama, Lakshman and Seeta escape from Mithila and are teleported to the wastelands of the far north.

Grammarly’s free writing app makes sure everything you type is easy to read, deloaded, and mistake-free. The series is being rehashed after the first arc consisting of eight issues.

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Rama, Lakshman and Seeta flee through a secret route while the king of the region, Janak, prepares to fight Ravan.

The series’ prime protagonist is the human prince Rama who, alongside his brothers, aims to bring down the ramayna Ravan. Rama, the prince of Armagar, was exiled from his home for surrendering the fort of Janasthan to Ravan’s forces.

Ramayan 3392 A.D. Reloaded Issue 3

In Ramayan, who was the wife of God Rama? How counting was done in Ramayan and Mahabharat? This adaptation of the ancient epic significantly changes the roles of many pivotal characters, which has been a tradition through ancient Indian literature. Rama suffers from severe wounds and is at death’s door. Abhishek Singh Jeevan Kang Reloaded. What is the name of India before Ramayan? Ask New Question Sign In. The Asuras, however, had also suffered equal losses and only a handful amongst them had survived.

However, when the mad Vanara king Baali unleashes the dreadful and unstoppable Mahabali upon Shugreave’s rebels, Rama and Shugreave decide to take back the throne from Baali, the Monster King of Kishkinda!

Bharat is held in captivity deep below in the mines of Khundgiri.

The series is being collected as a trade paperback:. After Rama is exiled, the kingdom of Armagarh falls into disarray. When did Ramayan happen?

Vishwamitra states that it is to be Rama’s role to act as a protector to this woman, a role that he refuses to take up. Reloaded at reloadee Comic Book DB. Submit any pending changes before refreshing this page. In Aryavarta the last kingdom of humans exists inside a city called Armagarh.

The sons of Dashrath are being eliminated one by one, systematically. This new chapter will soon be collected in a trade paperback called ‘Ramayan AD Reloaded: What would be your dream project?

In order to obtain support, he goes to Khundgiri to try and meet his brothers but on the way, he meets an old seer by the name of Vishwamitra who instead takes him to Rama. At Fort Janasthan, Rama and Lakshman are surprised to find a heavy regiment of Asuras attacking the fort. Is there any relation between Mahabharat and Ramayan? Ramayan AD is an epic adventure that has been called ‘India’s answer to Lord of the Rings’ by Times of India and features a surreal cast of fantastical creatures and spectacular battles, all within an astonishing quest to save humanity from darker evil than the world has ever encountered before.


In the battle, the three warriors are killed thus earning the humans the ire of Ravan himself who then arrives to destroy Mithila. This page may be out of date. Title pop Redundant infobox title param All articles with dead external links Articles with dead external links from April Articles with permanently dead external links. Sumantra, with his daughter and Shatrughan, release Bharat from his prison, and they all go to Armagarh to bring down Kalnemi and his cohorts.

Your cart is empty! Retrieved from ” https: Why should youngsters read Ramayan? Virgin Comics titles comics debuts Works based on the Ramayana.

The story primarily deals with the last kingdom of humans who are fighting demons Asuras to survive. His four sons, Rama, Lakshman, Shatrughan and Bharat are sent by the council to outposts of the kingdom to provide assistance. Was Indrajit killed in Ramayan?

Ramayan AD Reloaded (Volume) – Comic Vine

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Rama and his fellow travelers then sprint towards Mithila in order to prevent further destruction. In the third age of mankind, the world, after a nuclear reloaxed world war, is divided into two continents, Nark and Aryavarta. I had already worked on my dream project Ramayan AD, it was my most extensive and acclaimed qd till date but the comic was discontinued after Virgin closed down. You dismissed this ad.