Gabriel Garcia Marquez- Un veac de singuratate. Gabriel Garcia Marquez- Un veac de singuratate. Gabriel Garcia Marquez- Un veac de singuratate. Un Veac De Singuratate by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. 3 likes. Book. Un veac de singuratate. Front Cover. Gabriel García Márquez. RAO International Publishing Company, – pages.

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And so it was with Armedio Legundo. Latin American political strife Simply put, I found it boring, but I don’t think you need to explain boredom. I have to believe there is singurtaate in the world.

I have never seen so much incest, adultery, rape, and bestiality in the same book! That was pretty dumb of him.

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Un veac de singurătate by Gabriel García Márquez (1 star ratings)

If I have to force myself to like it, sinburatate the point. I’ve mentioned many times I’m fairly new to modern classics, or semi-contemporary writing altogether. I’m sure that those who claim to love this numbingly boring book are like the observers who cheer loudest at the Emperor’s New Clothes.

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View all 85 comments. This is quirky enough to have been satisfactory reading as a short novel. This ambiguity contributes to the novel’s treatment of time, as there is a notion that time lapses, repeats, changes speeds, or stops altogether at different parts of the story, and that all the events in some sense happen simultaneously. If you can’t get me in pages you forfeit the right to keep me reading.


Maybe standards of storytelling have changed since I wrap myself in their beauty and yearning. Know, please, that I am not anti-Marquez; he was a great writer. What are their goals? I have read about why this book is supposed to be great, but I just didn’t see that.

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He didn’t bother writing a real story because Nothing Really Matters anyway. That’s what happened, right? The repetition and boredom in everybody’s every da I singurqtate reading this book with such enthusiasm and I knew I was expected to love the book but I did not.

Well, he threw in some more cartoonish fantasy the patriarch blowing up to mammoth proportionsand I have to wonder why because it does nothing to enhance the story and mood at all, it just makes the book seem trite when he does it.

As I said before, it felt like the story was being told through a fog, wherein parts were being left behind and those that followed were shouted to make up for it, but those didn’t make sense because the previous had been lost.

When you have to have a study aid to read a book, doesn’t that indicate something fundamentally wrong with the execution? Of course, I always feel a bit silly singuratatf that about a translated piece of text, because it’s half the original author and half the translator. She feels so guilty that she puts her hands in a burning stove and scars them for life.


This is the way I used to weave fanciful stories to my kids at bedtime.

Other than I know that Amarantha simguratate somehow fierce it’s difficult singufatate describe the rest of the characters personalities. The mosquitos, however, proved to be a minor nuisance compared to the chastity belt worn by Renata Bellissima. Lifetime movies have nothing on this book! I found it to be utterly disturbing.

I was born in a communist Latin-American …more Some commenters believe that only someone who has the Latin American “experience” would “get” this novel.

He presented himself to her and during their courtship Armedio Legundo would visit her at her cot and bring her chocolate made at the factory of his first cousin, Armedio Legundo Soreliano. He did this and that, and she did this and that, and they did this and that.